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November 1-  NOVEMBER 30, 2020

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 What’s Your Calm Schedule




 Calm idea

Be present tool

Nov 2

Emmy’s Calm

5 Senses

Nov 4

Cathy’s CALM

5 Senses: 5-4-3-2-1 Technique


justin’s Calm

5 Senses: Meditation Video


Bethany’s Calm


NOV 11

Elisha’s Calm

Breath: Let Breath Be Your Anchor

NOV 13

michele’s calm

Breath: Meditation Video

NOV 16

Caitlin’s Calm

Body Scan

nov 18

Laura’s Calm

Body Scan

nov 20

Jess’ Calm

Body Scan: Meditation Video

nov 23

Alida’s Calm


nov 25

Betsy’s CALM


nov 27

Courtney’s CALM

Gratitude: Meditation Video

nov 30

Marissa’s Calm

Your Mindfulness Toolbox


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