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What are you doing?

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Short description of activity:  A variation of charades where players have to pay close attention well before it is their turn.

Type of activity: Team Builder, Energizer

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 5 min

Grade Level: 2nd and up

Subject Area: None, ELA



Set up:

  1. Divide students into two lines, the first person of each line facing the other with their teammates single file behind each..


  1. Player A does a motion as in charades. Player B asks “What are you doing?”
  2. Player A must name a motion that doesn’t match the motion that they are doing.
  3. Player B must do the motion that player A named.
  4. Player A then asks, “What are you doing?”Player B’s response is to name a motion that doesn’t match the motion that they are doing and has not been named.
    • example:Player A mimes eating with a fork. When asked what they are doing, the response is ‘hula hooping.” Player B mimes hula hooping and replies that they are playing a guitar.
  5. Game continues until someone makes a mistake. When a player messes up, they go to the end of the line and the next person steps up.


  • Play can be done in a circle and progress around the circle.
    • Player A begins with their motion, player B asks.
    • Player B does the motion to player C, and it moves around the circle as such.
    • When a mistake is made, the next player begins with a new action/round.
  • Try to have the actions be relevant to a lesson: spelling words, food web, etc.
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