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Short description of activity:  Answer review questions in any subject to earn a square in a tic-tac-toe board. Play can include multiple students, where multiple people have to know the answer to get it correct.

Type of activity: Content Connection

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 15 min

Grade Level: 2nd +

Subject Area: Any


  • List of 50+ review questions: spelling words, math equations, science facts, short answer or multiple choice, etc.
  • Whiteboard/chalkboard
  • Variations could include:
  • Pictures of 9 celebrities
  • Small whiteboards/Paper with X and O

Set up:

  1. Draw a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on the whiteboard.
  2. Split class into two teams, X and O. Rock/Paper/Scissors to decide which team is which and who will go first.
  3. Each team decides in what order teammates will participate.


  1. Have the first student select a square.
  2. Ask them a question, if they answer it correctly, they put their X or O in the square. If they give an incorrect answer, nobody earns the square.
  3. Have the next team select a square and answer a question. Continue the game until someone gets three in a row.
  4. Play multiple rounds and keep track (if you wish) of how many times each side wins. If the game is a draw, nobody gets the point (or Vegetable Showdown).


  • Put a picture of a celebrity/character from literature/historical figure in each square.
    • The student chooses the celebrity to ask the question of. The teacher (or another person) answers on behalf of the celebrity.
    • Student either agrees or disagrees with the celebrity’s answer. (as in Hollywood Squares)
    • If the student is correct with their answer (dis/agreement), their team earns the square.
  • Place chairs in a 3 x 3 array and have students sit in each of the chairs. Remaining students are split into X and O teams. (In this variation, two students have to actively decide on an answer to the question.)
  • The student/team whose turn it is (The Player) chooses a student in the array (Student) to ask the question of. The student gives an answer to the review question- it can be correct or intentionally false.
  • Player either agrees or disagrees with the Student’s answer.
  • If the Player is correct with their answer, their team earns the square.
  • Student holds a piece of paper or whiteboard that has an X or an O written on it.
  • Have Students choose a celebrity/character from a book the class is reading/historical figure to be and either hold that picture up, wear it on a headband, or clip to their shirt. Student/celebrity answers in the voice/mannerism of the character.
  • Have two other students be the “judges.” One who has a bell or noisemaker to sound if the Player’s answer is correct (when they dis/agree with the celebrity’s answer), and one with a noisemaker if the Player’s answer is incorrect. (In this variation, four students have to actively decide on an answer to the question)
    • The judges need to give the verdict before the teacher gives the answer.
    • If a judge gives an incorrect verdict, they rotate out of the judge’s seat
  • Questions can be random trivia about students in the room or current events.


Based on grade and content used. Good to use prior to an exam or as a unit is wrapping up to review content prior to moving on.

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