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Tap Four

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How to Play:

  1. Students may stand or remain seated.
  2. Either have a piece of paper that has each corner labeled with numbers 1 through 4, or identify an imaginary square on the tabletop in front of them (corners of their desk if they have individual desks)
  3. Starting with their left hand, have students alternate while tapping the numbers in order. Repeat a few times. 
    • 1 left hand, 2 right hand, 3 left hand, 4 right hand
  4. Switch to begin the sequence with the right hand instead. Repeat a few times.
    • 1 right hand, 2 left hand, 3 right hand, 4 left hand
  5. Once the left-and-right rhythm has been established, begin calling numbers in random patterns. Students tap the numbers following the left-right-left-right sequence.
    • Caller says: 4 – 2- 1 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 3 -4 etc.
    • Students tap numbers in that order using left 4, right 2, left 1, right 1, left 3, right 2, etc.
    • Point of the activity is not to go quickly to “mess up” the students. Intention is to make students pay more attention and not assume a pattern.


  • Use colors or letters instead of numbers.
  • Use pictures in each corner.
  • Call out “odd” or “even” instead of the actual number.
  • Have the square on the floor and have students use their feet rather than their hands.
  • Have the square on the wall, or use an existing piece of paper on the wall.
  • Use paper from the recycle bin to put numbers on if a student requires a solid visual cue, or have multiple pages printed up and saved to use at any time.
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