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Noodle Run

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Short description of activity: Teams work together to get their runner across the field first. The runner has to rely on their teammates to move the track quickly enough.

Type of activity: Team Building

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 20 Minutes

Grade Level K+

Subject Area: None


Foam noodles cut into 12” sections, poly spots, rug squares, piece of paper (pay attention to what is used, choose an object that will not cause a slipping hazard on the surface you are playing on). 4-5 items per group.

Set up:

  1. Divide into groups of 3 to 4 people.
  2. One person is the “runner,” other members of the group move the racecourse.
  3. Define a start line and an end line.
  4. Lay noodles on the floor in front of the runner, 10-12” apart (stepping distance) beginning at the start line.


  1. Runner may only step on the noodle, they may not step on the floor/ground.
  2. When the race begins, runner may only move forward if there is a noodle to step on. 
  3. Runner steps forward. Teammates grab vacated noodle (only one at a time) and move in front of the runner so the runner may continue to move forward.
  4. Continue until all teams cross the finish line.


  • Have a penalty for stepping off of the race spots- jumping jacks, sing a song, solve a flash card, or go all the way back to the beginning.
  • Make a destination for each teammate (if there are 4 teams define 4 locations to go). When the team reaches the first destination, team rotates to have a new runner and they move to the next location. Continue until everyone has been a runner/team reaches final destination.
  • Have the runner blindfolded.
  • Have the support teammates blindfolded.
  • At each destination have a math problem or riddle to solve to figure out where to go next, or a puzzle piece to collect so that when the final destination is reached the puzzle can be assembled


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