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Conductor Breath

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To release tension, energize, empower, lift mood

  1. Have students stand with plenty of room around them, so they can swing their arms and bend freely without hitting someone or something.
  2. Begin in standing mountain pose, standing tall with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart and a slight bend in the knees.
  3. Inhale through your nose while bringing your arms out in front of you, hands about forehead high.
  4. Inhale again a little while swinging your arms down and outward, and then back up straight out to your sides shoulder high. Your body should look like the letter T.
  5. Take one final large inhale to fill your lungs as you swing your arms so that your hands meet with fingers pointed to the sky.
  6. Forcefully exhale, “Ha!” while letting your arms and torso fall forward between your bent legs.
    • You may also allow your hands to fall outside of your legs and swing back further. Be sure to allow a bounce in the knees.
  7. Repeat several times, using the momentum of your forward fall to help propel you back up to the first inhale.
  8. Optional Additions:
    • Rag Doll Test – On your last Conductor Breath “Ha!” allow your body to rest in Rag Doll pose (folded over and loosely hanging). Let your upper body, neck and arms be loose and floppy. Take several relaxing breaths here before slowly rounding the spine back up to standing.

Adapted from Yoga 4 Classrooms

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