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Centipede Race

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Short description of activity: Students are joined together at the ankle and need to work together to reach the finish line.

Type of activity: Team Building

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 20 minutes

Grade Level: 4th +

Subject Area: Team Building


  • Lots of bandanas
  • Wide-open space with no obstacles

Set up:

  1. Divide groups into teams of three to six. Give each team bandanas numbering one less than the team size.
  2. Have the team line up shoulder-to-shoulder. Teammates tie their ankles together, as in for a three-legged race. (A team of four would have five “legs” and three bandanas)
  3. Establish beginning and end of a race course.


  1. Have students practice moving around the space until they are more comfortable and to strategize.
  2. Run races to see which team makes it across the course first.


  • When the team lines up, have every other person face the opposite way.
  • Set up a slalom course for the teams to go through, or have to pass through hula hoops, etc.
  • Give points (or deduct time) for teams crossing the course without falling.
  • Have teams go through a course where each person has to pick up an item.
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