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Bumble Bee Breath

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  1. Stand in Mountain or sit with a tall, straight spine.
  2. Take a long, slow breath in through your nose.
  3. Breathe out slowly, making a “hummmmmmmm” noise for as long as you can exhale.
  4. Repeat the inhale and exhale a few times.
  5. Repeat the inhale and exhale a few times with your eyes closed, paying very close attention to how the hum feels. Notice how your lips and throat vibrate.
  6. Repeat the inhale and exhale a few times with your eyes closed and hands over your ears, so that all you can hear is the hum in your head.
  7. Try this exercise again using different sounds: “Zzzzzzz,” “Shhhhhh,” “Oooohhhh.”
  8. What other sound might you try?

Adapted from Yoga 4 Classrooms

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