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Short description of activity:  A game where a person avoids being tagged by a ball, otherwise they
must spell a word or solve a problem.

Type of activity: Energizer, Content Connection

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 10 Min

Grade Level: 2nd – 8th

Subject Area: ELA, Math, Any


  • Kickball or foam ball
  • List of spelling words, math facts, review questions

Set up:

  1. Students sit in a circle with one or two students standing in the center


  1. The students who are sitting in the circle roll the ball to try to tag the players in the middle at the ankle. Students in the middle try to dodge the ball.
  2. If a player in the middle is tagged by the ball, they must spell out a word given by the teacher. If the person in the middle is able to avoid being hit, the student who rolled the ball must spell a word
    • If there is more than one student in the circle and the ball ricochets off of one and tags another, both have to spell a word.
  3. The student in the center that is tagged by the ball switches spots with the player who rolled the ball.

  4. Play for a specified amount of time or until all words have been spelled.


  •  Students can answer math facts or answer questions (for science or history review/quiz prep)

  • Have the person in the middle keep their eyes closed and one student be their “eyes” to guide them how to avoid being tagged. When a person is tagged and sits down, they are the lookout for the next student in the center.

  • Can be played like “Monkey in the Middle” If the ball is caught, thrower answers a question and becomes Monkey. If the Monkey misses, they need to answer a question.

  • Students may remain standing at their desks and dodge/catch the ball from there. Once they have successfully answered a question or spelled a word, they sit until the last player is standing. Play again or resume lesson.


Content review.

Specific to the academics being used and complexity of question being asked.

Adapted from

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