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All-in Uno

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Short description of activity: Students work together to place their cards in sequence according to the rules of Uno © 

Type of activity: Energizer, Team Building

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 10 minutes 

Grade Level: 2nd +

Subject Area: none


  • Deck of Uno © cards
  • Deck of traditional playing cards, applying rules of Uno © or Crazy Eights

Set up:

  1. Give each student one card.
  2. Confirm that everyone knows the rules of Uno ©


  1. Leader chooses a student to be the first card played or places one in the front of the room.
  2. The first student that has a card that can be played on the first card gets up and stands next to the card.
    • If more than one student jumps up at the same time, play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to be the card played..
  3. The next person who has a card that may be played goes up and stands next to the person/card last played. Play continues as such until all cards are played.
    • If no card can be played, the leader can deal another card next to the last person in line until someone can get up.


  • If reaching a point where no card can be played, see if there can be a change in the order that cards have been played that will allow for every card to be played with the fewest additional cards dealt.
  • Play cards so that it creates one continuous circle: the first card played should be able to be played after the last card played.
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