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A resource center for teachers to enhance learning through integrating movement, exploration and mindfulness into classroom lessons. Many of the activities can be adapted to be used on a playground, at home, in the boardroom and beyond.

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Yoga With Adriene

View Yoga with Adriene Videos

Adrienne presents yoga videos for all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls! Browse their library of free yoga videos to find a practice that suits your mood or start a journey toward healing. Playlists are sorted from five minute videos to a full hour

If you’re brand-new to yoga, check out the Yoga For Beginners and Foundations of Yoga series. These are designed to give you the tools to build a happy, healthy yoga practice. If you’re ready to work up a sweat, try her Total Body Yoga playlists.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids. Interactive storytelling adventures incorporating yoga poses which build strength, balance and confidence – and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early! Watch complete stories, or parse them out by chapter.

Kids Relaxation

School psychologist and certified coach, Zemirah Jazwierski, Ed.S., offers resources for parents, educators, and children. Tips, activities, and products described in her blog.

Go Noodle

You might know GoNoodle as a place to get your giggly wiggles out. Check out these channels on GoNoodle to use for recentering, mindfulness and relaxation:

  • Flow
  • Think About It
  • Empower Tools

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