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Clap Pass

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Short description of activity: A quick game to get people collaborating and laughing 

Type of activity: Energizer

Minimum Time Needed for Activity: 5 minutes

Grade Level: Any

Subject Area: n/a



Set up:

  1. Have students form a standing circle. 
  2. Tell students that they will be passing a clap around the circle, and that it will go around the circle two students at a time. 


  1. Choose a starting point and have one person turn to the next person and they both clap at the same time. 
  2. The second person then turns to the next in line and they clap at the same time. Key to success is eye contact, and watching each other’s hands in the beginning. If the game gets sloppy, ask students to slow down.


  1. Once the game is going smoothly, the clap may be reversed by remaining focused on the player who passed the clap, and clapping again. 
  2. Another clap may also be introduced at another point in the circle so that there are two claps traveling around the circle.
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