A resource center for teachers to enhance learning through integrating movement, exploration and mindfulness into classroom lessons. Many of the activities can be adapted to be used on a playground, at home, in the boardroom and beyond.

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Brain Brighteners

How do you know when you need to use a brain brightener? 1. Students are getting whiplash from all the headsnaps. 2. You have repeated the same sentence three times and nobody has noticed, not even yourself. 3. You can’t write on the paper anymore because it’s so wet from drool. 4. You hear a monotonous droning and realize it’s you. Super-quick, sometimes silly, activity to wake up your mind. Typically no prep and no/minimal materials.

6 articles

Content Connection

Change the way your students think about math, science, and language by linking the lessons to movement. Use muscle memory to enhance content integration and retention.

30 articles


These activities are helpful with bringing energy levels up in your classroom! From 2 minute Brain Brighteners to 10-minute games for resetting the ready-to-learn environment.

21 articles

Food and Nutrition

Understanding how our bodies use food helps us make better decisions about diet which is crucial to the proper development of students’ brains and their ability to focus and learn. These activities explore food literacy, food systems and nutrition.

15 articles

Mindfulness and Self-Regulation

Easy practices to help us all recenter, prepare for transitions throughout the day, destress, and build mindfulness. These routines can be used in the classroom, in line, on the playground- anywhere we need to restore calm.

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Nature and Outdoors

Activities about the outdoors or simply using space outside of the classroom to relate content to the real world. These activities build creativity, concentration, social skills, and appreciation for the environment.

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Team Building

Life is about navigating our relationships with others. Learning how to work in teams is crucial to lifelong success. These activities focus on team building, strengthening communication skills, collaboration, and celebration.

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