Laura Jensen

RiseVT Program Manager, Windsor County

Office: 802-886-8928

Laura Jensen is a cultural anthropologist, health practitioner, public health advocate and researcher. For more than twenty years, she owned and operated a wellness center. During her graduate education in public health, she worked with American Indians in Northeast Oregon to help identify causative exposures of lung cancer on reservation land. Since that time, she has developed community-engaged programs, including community gardens and memory care interventions. She has taught cultural anthropology and human geography, and mentored medical students in research methods acquiring an extensive list of student research achievements. Her background in social and biological research affords the ability to bridge the gap between the realms of biological and socio-behavioral research. She has worked with nationally renowned research scientists and published articles on obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Lifestyle Medicine. Her current focus centers on advancing the clinical practice of Lifestyle Medicine and is the acting Lifestyle Medicine Program Coordinator at the Springfield Health Center in Springfield, Vermont. She is an animal, nature, and history lover, an avid knitter and bird watcher.