Author: Robin Katrick – Program Manager, RiseVT-Chittenden County Fun events, backyard adventures, trails to hike, and secret codes?! Count us in! This fall people of all ages were outside exploring and searching the great outdoors for secret codes placed around...

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Art in Motion

Authors: Judy Paxman with Intro from Faith DuBois Judy Paxman, Executive Director of the Swanton Arts Council (SAC) in Swanton, Vermont, is known for her creativity and vision in examining situations and topics through her own unique lens. It’s no wonder, then, that...

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Play Like a Kid

Co-Authors: Alice Stewart and Courtney Hillhouse of the RiseVT - Windsor County team When we work at Farmers' Markets in our part of Windsor County, our work turns into play. We always take along our activity wheel that kids can spin for a chance to win . . ....

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I’m Alida and my play is hiking!

My regular sources of exercise year-round are spinning (aka indoor cycling) and yoga. I love both because they feed my soul in different ways. Yoga reminds me to be present and mindful, grateful for my body and breath. I have excellent teachers who weave life lessons...

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Riding into a Healthier Life

Author: Joy Choquette When Russell “Rusti,” Gregory went in for a doctor’s visit last May, he wasn’t prepared for what he heard. His blood pressure was up as was his weight. His doctor advised medication to control the blood pressure. “It was pretty clear that I...

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RiseVT Blender Bike at Garlic & Herb Fest

RiseVT was at the Southern Vermont Garlic & Herb Fest in September and turned their smoothie bike into a hummus bike! Try the recipe out in your home blender! Even if it's not attached to a bike (which it probably isn't!), you can still get health benefits from...

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I’m Marissa and My Play is Tennis!

Author: Marissa Parisi As August was winding down, I started to think about winter and began to worry.  I’m getting older, and in my opinion, Vermont winters are losing their luster.  I started to think about it being dark when I wake up and being dark when I get home...

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Walk for Life!

Author: Cole Pearson Health & Wellness RN and Program Manager, RiseVT – Lamoille County It’s one of the first major achievements in most of our lives, “The baby took her first steps!" It’s also used to portray hard work, “In my day, I walked 12 miles to school up...

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Author: Joy Choquette Book discussion groups have a long history in America. In fact, Anne Hutchinson, a traveler on a ship headed to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, is purported to have begun a book study onboard in 1634. And in 1727, Benjamin Franklin organized a...

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Gaga Ball at St. Albans City School

Author: Mitch Craib, Stewardship Coordinator at St. Albans City School It was a Walking Wednesday, and as I led my walking school bus to St. Albans City School the first student that joined me started talking excitedly about playing gaga ball at recess. He described...

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