Alice Stewart

Program Manager, RiseVT-Windsor County
Serving Towns of Windsor, West Windsor, Weathersfield, & Hartland

Office: 802-674-7083

(L: Alice Stewart, R: Courtney Hillhouse, Alice’s teammate at Mt. Ascutney Hospital Prevention partnership)

Alice Stewart is the Program Manager for RiseVT-Windsor County based out of Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center,  implementing initiatives in Windsor, West Windsor, Weathersfield, and Hartland. Alice received her BFA in Art History from the College of William and Mary and her MA in English, Concentration in Professional Writing and Editing, from George Mason University. Her work experience includes project and program management, classroom and online training design and development, legal research, marketing, and community organizing. For fun, Alice enjoys taking walks, solving puzzles, and talking to other people’s dogs.  

 In her work related to prevention and health promotion, Alice would say “All communities — including towns, workplaces, schools, faith-based groups, service organizations, and neighborhoods — can contribute to creating an environment that promotes health and wellness. The core of our work is helping our community partners realize that potential and take positive action.”