Fall is a fabulous time to visit Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center (BEEC) in West Brattleboro, and now it’s easier than ever to walk their trails, thanks to a partnership with RiseVT. They wanted their trails and grounds to be welcoming to people who would like to get outdoors and get exercise, but they realized that uneven terrain can be challenging for some walkers.


“Before” photos of the Barred Owl Trail.

BEEC’s volunteer trail crew got to work rerouting the Barred Owl trail to remedy the steep and rooty sections that made this trail more difficult than others in the BEEC trail system. Old blazes were covered and new ones painted so that hikers can easily follow the new trail.

“After” photos of the Barred Owl Trail.

Thanks to Jeff Nugent and Windham Regional Commission summer employee, Abby, for updating the trail location using GPS and generating a new map. Printed copies of this new map are available at BEEC, the image has been shared to our Facebook page and via our E-newsletter, a new large map will soon be posted at the kiosk, and a digital version will be uploaded to our website at https://www.beec.org/about-us/location-and-trails/, The BEEC trails will be added to AllTrails website, https://www.alltrails.com/, too, and we’re hoping to get a universal hiking trail sign for BEEC’s property boundary.

We expect that these improvements will result in more people visiting BEEC and hiking our trails, especially the loop that includes the new Barred Owl trail.

This project at the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center most closely aligns with CDC Strategy #16 to improve access to outdoor recreational facilities.