The new disc golf course is nearly complete in Hard’Ack, a recreation and sports venue in St. Albans. This was truly a community effort which began in July when Preston Fuller, a local disc golf enthusiast, suggested the idea of a disc golf course on a community forum. RiseVT immediately jumped on board to bring together the multiple organizations that manage Hard’Ack to discuss the project.

Fuller designed the course and laid out the construction plans. Through several organized workdays, community members quickly came together to begin building the 9-hole disc golf course. This happened, in large part, because of the volunteers that community member, Valdemar Garibay, was able to recruit. Garibay, a VP at Med Associates, is an avid supporter of the community and his employees’ health. He and Fuller set up volunteer days during the work week and encouraged his employees to spend the workday volunteering. The course was also made possible by a number of organizations including St. Albans Recreation Department, Hard’Ack, Inc., Med Associates Inc., Aldis Hill Trust, Saint Pauls UMC, the Knights of Columbus, and many other volunteers.

If you have never played disc golf before, it is played like traditional golf, but instead of balls and clubs, players use a golf disc similar to a Frisbee. Each throw is counted as a stroke and the goal is to try and get the disc into a metal basket. The player with the lowest number of strokes for the entire course win the game. It is an affordable and accessible way for people to get outside and play a sport with friends and family, even in the era of social distancing.


The disc golf course project has been inspiring, incredible, and heartwarming success and we hope it encourages community members to come together to spend time being active outdoors. Stay up to date with the grand opening where new disc golf players can learn the game by following Rise VT – Franklin & Grand Isle Counties on Facebook.