Green Mountain RSVP has 13 Bone Builders Osteoporosis Prevention and Reversal Program exercise classes at eleven locations in Windham County. RSVP partnered with RiseVT to hire a Bone Builder Master Trainer to train 3 new instructors and provide continuing education for 8 current instructors. Before the pandemic, the four-hour master class was held in the community room at Red Clover Commons housing site. RSVP plans to start a new class in the same location once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.


RiseVT partners on initiatives that align with at least one of the CDC 24 Strategies to Reduce Overweight & Obesity. The Bone Builders program most closely aligns with strategy #24: Participate in community coalitions or partnerships to address obesity. The Bone Builders classes aim to prevent obesity by creating an environment for encouraging and fostering physical activity within the community. All the space for each class is generously donated by community groups, allowing for the classes to meet twice a week for approximately one hour each class. Volunteers lead the classes, adding to the collaborative nature of the offering. Bone Builder participants, whether volunteer leaders or registrants, are actively engaged in a group activity and increasing their socialization.

Typically, RSVP holds an annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, RSVP offered delivery services and a pick-up site (adhering to social distancing guidelines) for 109 gift bags to the active volunteers. Each gift bag contained a magnetic binder clip, a face mask with RSVP logo, and a gift card for $10 to a local eatery in Brattleboro, Wilmington, or Bellows Falls. Bone Builder instructors also received a packet of facial masks for each of their participants. Additionally, three volunteers received $30 grocery store gift cards for their 30 years of service, two received $25 gift cards for their 25 years of service, and seven people received wall certificates for 15 and 20 years of volunteer service. At the pick-up and delivery, it was at least nice to see partially concealed smiles of our volunteers!