Come take advantage of this great Summer Garden Art Series happening at Guilford Central School, Vernon Elementary School, Green Street Elementary School, Academy School and Oak Grove School. Each school garden is unique and you can find something new and special each time you visit each one of these locations

Thanks to our partnerships with Food Connects, Rise Vermont, Insight Photography, the Human Art of Play & the River Gallery school, we have the opportunity to enjoy this enriching dynamic of being in the garden together sharing gardening tips, recipes & developing our gardening & creative artistic skills.

All are welcome to sign up using our link on Food Connects web page, we require that you wear your mask and use social distancing practices. The link is;

For the past two weeks we were painting and drawing in the school gardens with Lauren Watrous who teaches art at the River Gallery Art School.  Lauren has a way of bringing out the intrinsic artistic nature in all of us out.

The art activities were great for any age or ability.

Each week we explore the garden and then draw and paint veggies, flowers and other creatures we find in there. Materials will include watercolor, pencil, colored pencil and marker. The first week we were looking at leaf shaped brush strokes and how many different shades of green we can mix along with other fun watercolor techniques. The second week we did contour drawings using pencil and then splashes of paint. The third week we worked with colored pencil doing contour drawing, shading, and mixing colors we observe from the garden. The fourth week we used water soluble markers with watercolors in a combined drawing and painting technique. Bring your love of play, experimentation and being outdoors, everything else provided.

The next session in our series will be another visit from our friend from Human Art and Play, Erin Maile O’Keefe who will be leading us in the Human Art of Play tuning into our bodies & the garden. Two weeks ago with inspiration from Erin & the garden, we became Cat mint, strawberries, potato flowers, cabbage plants, grasshoppers, inchworms & bunnies. We continued to weed some & taste the wood sorrel (Oxalis) or sour hearts and move into the rest of the garden spaces to see all of what is growing in full force.

A great factoid Erin shared being a gardening connoisseur herself is that Purslane, another one our most common garden ‘weeds’ is one of her favorites to eat & has more digestible Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon!

We will be wrapping up our Summer Garden Art Series with more fun with Cyanotypes provided by Insight Photography.

Along with our gardening this week in the school gardens we’ll be creating Cyanotype Sun Prints (thanks to In-sight Photography Project). This is such a fun way to tune into & explore the gardens! From plant leaves, flowers & roots to rocks to garlic scapes to beetles, last week’s groups of gardeners collected a whole range of creative subject matter to play with.

Also you can stay up to date with our school gardens through the school garden FB groups: Green Street School Gardeners, Oak Grove School Gardeners, Vernon School Gardeners, Dummerston School Gardeners.