No matter if you are feeling upset, sad, or just anxious, breathing techniques are an important tool to have in your toolkit for managing stress. There are many breathing techniques but it is helpful to start with simple inhale and exhale visualizations like this one. Making time for breathing can help you stay present. So often we find ourselves worrying about the future or reliving the past, but we can only ever really impact the present. Some ways you can practice more mindful breathing include:

  • Make it a habit. Try to practice at least once a day.
  • Keep it short at first. If five minutes is too long, try two minutes.
  • Increase your practices as you build your practice.
  • Work to recognize when to use your breath. In the moment is can be hard to see breath as a way to de-escalate anxiety or sadness. Checking in with yourself about your emotions can help.

Other ideas, tips, and resources to keep you and your family healthy, active, and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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