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To say it has been a stressful few months is an understatement. Tensions are high and that can lead to frustration and make people less than kind. If we all take a moment to remember that everyone is having their own struggles and to have compassion, we can bring kindness to ourselves and others. As we focus on being kind, we have fewer negative emotions, relationships improve, our own happiness increases, and we may even experience some positive physical health benefits. We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine – when you feel happy, stress is reduced, providing a much needed boost to your immune system. Happiness can also relieve tension which can in turn decrease physical aches and pain.

To cultivate kindness while we are feeling stress can be difficult, but you can start simple. Smile at others or greet them while out walking in your neighborhood (even if you have a mask on!), do a small favor for someone in your household, send a nice card to a friend, or simply thank workers while you are out and about.

Other ideas, tips, and resources to keep you and your family healthy, active, and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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