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If you or someone you know is in need of COVID-19 or mental health resources, please visit OneCareVT’s resource list.

If anyone needs our Sunday “you’ve got this” words of encouragement to keep doing what you are doing to get through this challenging time, it’s the mothers among us. Our moms are powering through while they work from home or on the front lines, homeschool the kids or keep them occupied, navigate ways to safely go on family outings, shop for groceries and make meals, and juggle a host of other challenges in order to care for their families. Many of us can’t be with our moms to celebrate with them in person this year, but may we all find ways through a card, a call, or a zoom call to connect with the mothers and caregivers in our lives to share our gratitude.

Other ideas, tips, and resources to keep you and your family healthy, active, and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • De-stress with some yoga today from Burlington’s Evolution Yoga studio.
  • Support local farmers in your community with this list of where to buy local food!
  • Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital reminds us that to avoid “compassion fatigue” and best take care of others, we need to first take care of ourselves!
  • Engage your family by building a family tree together!
  • Now that we are all home and doing yard work, consider some ways you can keep Lake Champlain, our rivers, and smaller lakes clean by making small changes around your home!

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