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If you or someone you know is in need of COVID-19 or mental health resources, please visit OneCareVT’s resource list.  

Here’s a some advice for increasing your physical activity from our Bennington County Program Manager and Rise to 5K trainer, Andrea Malinowski:
  • Make a plan for this week to set a goal for more movement.
  • Evaluate how much activity you presently get per day. “Exercise guidelines” indicate we should aim for 150 minutes of exercise each week (30 minutes each day x 5 days). If you’re presently not getting that much, set a reasonable goal to increase your activity this week; maybe aim for 15 minutes per day x 2 days.
  • Evaluate your goal at the end of the week. Did you meet it? If not, that’s okay, it doesn’t mean you should stop. Rather, just adjust your goals accordingly by lowering the number of minutes each day or the number of days per week.
  • If you did meet it, great! Stay with that same goal for one or two weeks then determine how best to set a slightly higher one, by either adding more minutes per day or days per week (change only one variable each time).
  • Setting a goal which is achievable keeps you motivated and feeling accomplished and instills the self-confidence to keep you going!

Other ideas, tips, and resources to keep you and your family healthy, active, and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Mental health is just as important as physical health right now. If you need help, know there there are places you can go when in crisis. You are not alone!
  • Now is a great time to lean on physical activity to keep you feeling good and reducing stress.
  • Make this Spring pasta dish this week!
  • Set a timer for every 30 minutes to get up and calm your mind.
  • Create a fairy house in your yard!
  • While we can’t go on that next great adventure some national parks are bringing the adventure to us!

Does your organization have local virtual events or resources that you want us to share? Feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook page, or contact us via email at risevt@onecarevt.org.