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If you or someone you know needs immediate mental health assistance you can contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or find information at the Vermont Department of Mental Health.

As we enter the second or third week of social distancing for many folks here in Vermont, we are likely battling feelings of loneliness. This may be especially true if you live alone or in a small household. We thrive on social interaction, so when that is taken away from us we can feel an intense sense of loss. Here are some ways to help combat these feelings and here are some ways to cope with missed milestones.

We’ve got you! Here are some other great resources and ideas to keep you and your family informed and going today.

  • Here is a guide to understanding if coronavirus can end up on fresh foods and what precautions you should be taking.
  • You might be feeling like there are many things you or your kids want to do but can’t because of social distancing. Try to keep a bucket list of those items by writing them down and placing them in a jar. Then when this is all over and you find yourself needing something to do you can pull out something from your bucket list.
  • Be gentle with yourself these days. Sometimes being active doesn’t mean going all out. Try this yoga video for stress.
  • Remember the things you can control right now and focus on doing those things. You can set aside time for self-care, choose to wash your hands, and continue to help people by maintaining social distance.
  • King Arthur Flour has some great meals right now!
  • Take and after dinner awe walk to improve your mental health.