Self-care is perhaps the most important thing right now for everyone to practice. Even in this time when it may seem like some of us have plenty of time for ourselves, ask yourself if you are really taking the time for yourself. Giving time to things that make you anxious are not for you. Instead focus on things that actually bring you joy. Do you need to turn up the music really loud and have a solo dance party in the middle of your work from home day, do you need to take a moment away from your kids just to be outside? Check out this link for more ideas about how to take care of yourself during this time.


If you need more, we’ve got you! Here are some other great resources:

  • Listen to this Kids’ Guide to Coronavirus with or without your kids – it’s a great breakdown for all ages!
  • Try this low impact cardio workout for a bit of a mental break.
  • Get out of this world for a bit and create your own through writing. If you are feeling ambitious try submitting it to a contest.
  • Chili is a great option for those cooking from your pantry. You can use whatever beans and meat you have on hand. Try adding carrots or make it really spicy if you would like. It is the perfect recipe for modification.
  • Get outside with some chalk and send a quick message of love to the world from your driveway or your sidewalk. We promise it will bring many smiles from your neighbors!
  • The Monterrey Bay Aquarium has tons of live cams up right now. A favorite are the jellyfish. So relaxing to watch them drift around one another in their tank.
  • Looking for a meditation? Here are a few options.