With restaurants closing and grocery store trips being cut back to once every week or two, you may need some ideas for meal planning. Those who may be in need of food assistance, please check out Hunger Free Vermont or contact 2-1-1 for information on nutrition programs like school meals and emergency food resources.

Here is a good beginners guide to meal planning, and below are some good tips in general for planning meals. 

  • Make a plan right before you go food shopping. Making a plan before going to the grocery store will help ensure you get everything you need.
  • Plan meals that store well. Soups, stews, and curries often taste better on the second day. Also a big pot of spaghetti sauce can go pretty far.
  • Stock up on pantry staples where you can. Stores are still recovering from the flux of buying that happened a week ago. Try to build your meals around items that can be easily stored for longer periods of time. Like beans, rice, and root veggies.
  • Freeze what you can’t eat right away. Freezing fresh fruits and veggies that you weren’t able to finish or other meals can help you prepare for a busy week ahead.
  • Comfort food is okay right now. We are all in the middle of large life changes. If you want to indulge in comfort food that is okay. Make sure your meal plan includes that bar of chocolate or the ingredients for cookies.

Here’s some more tips and resources for you and your family:

  • Take time to move today with this 10-minute ab workout.
  • Cheesy butternut squash mac and cheese could be a good option for your meal plan this week.
  • To all healthcare professionals, you can get free access to the popular meditation app, Headspace now through July 1.
  • For those of you with kids at home and the bandwidth to take on homeschooling, here are some tips. The best tip listed, in our opinion, is to be forgiving to yourself and your children.
  • Spring is officially here, so you can get a jump-start on your garden. No soil? Not a problem for seedlings. Here is a quick DIY to help you get those seeds ready for the garden in a couple of months.