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If you or someone you know is in need of immediate assistance please call 2-1-1 for services.

These uncertain times are bound to cause anxiety as we grapple with the unknown and make adjustments to meet the needs of our families and for ourselves. Today we want to give you some tools and resources for managing stress and anxiety and calming the mind. If you find yourself caught in a moment of fear, try this short guided meditation to help work your way out of that place.

To maintain your mental health, try these tips:

We’ve got you! Here are some other great resources and ideas to keep you and your family informed and going today.

  • Try releasing some stress through yoga. Here is a great slow yoga practice to help.
  • People age 60 and older are encouraged to stay at home in order to protect themselves from Covid-19. You may be temporarily added to a home delivered meals route. For more information, please call the Helpline at 1-800-642-5119.
  • Sometimes long meditation can be overwhelming. Even 10 minutes can feel like an eternity. For some people long meditations can actually allow worrisome thoughts to multiply within our minds rather than calm those thoughts. Try using the “Take 5” method with our program manager Jess from Franklin Grand Isle Counties. This video is about 2 minutes long and walks you through a short meditation that can help clear your mind for just a minute.
  • While visiting a museum is not in the cards right now, you can virtually visit many museums. Check out this list to find out more.
  • Run out of salad dressing? Try one of these recipes with items you likely have in your pantry.
  • At night, anxiety can hit us especially hard so we have trouble sleeping. Try this box breathing technique to help you calm down. Sleep is important right now.