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Today we are encouraging you to get outside. If you are not sick it is perfectly alright and if anything important for you to try and get some fresh air. All you need to remember is to maintain distance from other people and stay away from larger groups of individuals that may congregate in parks (six feet from others is recommended). All Trails is a great place to find a hike no matter where you are in Vermont. A great place to also check out for inspiration and updates about trail conditions is the Facebook group Hiking in Vermont. The Vermont State Parks are also open and free to visit this time of year. Check out the state website to stay up to date about trail conditions and closures over the coming weeks! It is important to remember that Spring hiking can be icy and muddy. Hiking over muddy trails can ruin them for others so stick to some of these guidelines for keeping our trails usable from the Green Mountain Club!

Another great option for getting out is simply walking around your neighborhood or park everyday. If you are home with your kids take a break from the day and run around outside or dust off your bikes for a Spring bike ride. Remember your kids are used to being outside for a set amount of time everyday at school. It is important to give them that unstructured time even when they are at home. Fresh air and sun is so important for keeping everyone sane right now!

Here are some other great resources and ideas to keep you and your family informed and going today.

  • If you are someone who is sick and can’t get out of your house right now here is a quick video from The Morton Arboretum near Chicago of a peaceful walk through the woods.
  • While it may be frustrating that the first days of Spring are not always super sunny here in Vermont, it is still important to take advantage of those sunny days. Here is why.
  • After you come in from outside, wash you hands, roll up your sleeves, and make a meal together. This is a great time to teach your kids how to cook and when they are involved they are more likely to try the food that is on their plates. Let’s be honest with the grocery store shelves empty pantry meals may get a little creative in the coming days.
  • After dinner you could sit down with your children and pick out a book to read, or better yet, have a celebrity read you a book! Jennifer Gardner is doing a daily book reading with a celebrity friend. It’s a fundraiser for school food in partnership with Save the Children. “This is Baby” written and read by Jimmy Fallon is great!
  • You are so close to the weekend! Maybe you got outside today or maybe you just didn’t but that is alright. If you have children, this sudden shift can be challenging. There is always tomorrow! If you need some ideas to make tomorrow better here is a great list from NPR that you could honestly do even if you don’t have children. Tomorrow we will also be bringing you some helpful resources for getting through the work/school week from your home.