Last year RiseVT supported the Bennington Community through a grant to help support breastfeeding. With this grant the community was able to set up an online support system through Facebook in which moms who did not feel supported before are now able to reach out for information and connections to local breastfeeding resources.

The Amplify Grant allowed the community to offer weekly breastfeeding support through the group Milk and Mamas. Twenty-four families were supported during the time period that RiseVT was sponsoring the group. Additionally the group was able to plan an amazing World Breastfeeding Week with representatives from Southern Vermont Medical Center, Circle of Life (providing holistic health and midwifery services), The Department of Health, home birth specialists, and many others!

The grant also allowed the group to identify and acknowledge a local daycare for their commitment to supporting breastfeeding moms and employees. They visited, educated, and had 21 new businesses now showing their support of breastfeeding by placing stickers on their windows.

Bennington is now more aware of the breastfeeding support systems that are currently in place and continues to grow these services.