We recently received this great letter from the Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance, which we wanted to share with everyone. RiseVT sponsored some of their events over the summer!

Dear Bethany and RiseVt,

What kid doesn’t like to ride a bike? It is part of RASTA’s mission to increase youth participation, enhance their experiences and foster a welcoming environment to develop a stronger skillset both on and off the bike. Through our community trail building efforts, we have seen strong and growing youth MTB engagement. RASTA group rides, trail work days and special events have energized area youth to get outside and ride, and live a better, healthier life.

In late Winter RASTA started to discuss the formation of a youth MTB team/club. That discussion turned into reality with the help of RiseVt’s sponsorship. The Amplify Grant program provided RASTA with a platform to launch the RASTA Ridge Riders youth MTB club. This program started to take shape in late September just in time to host the final stop in the Vermont Youth Cycling race series, here in Randolph. The high school MTB race in Randolph was the debut of the club donning their new jerseys and the kids were VERY excited! The Amplify Grant was used for the initial purchase of branded MTB jerseys and a handful of small supplies for the 20 or so kids apart of the program. RASTA is already planning the next steps to help build upon the successful fall race and group rides. The area youth are already starting to get excited for a full spring, summer, and fall of group rides, events and workdays. Our future-plans include providing better equipment, supplies and creating more opportunity for kids to progress and be the best they can be!

The RiseVt Amplify Grant was the perfect fit to help launch this program. Partnering with RiseVt has been a great experience, especially working with Bethany Silloway. Our missions share very similar outcomes with improved health and increased activity in youth.

Our hope is that the RASTA Ridge Riders club will attract more youth from surrounding communities in Orange County. We specifically shaped this program so it would be open to any area youth that are interested in taking MTB to the next level, and RiseVt is helping make that happen.  All of us at RASTA are very excited about our collaborative future!

Thank you for supporting RASTA,

Zac Freeman

RASTA Trails and Recreation Economic Director TRED