New pavement markings in the town of Lincoln on Creamery Street and the traveled, level portion of Quaker Street from the triangle north to the path to Lincoln Library provide a gentle reminder that motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians share responsibility for safe use of the roadway. The new markings are broken white lines on both sides of the road approximately 4 feet in from the edge of pavement. When bicycles or pedestrians are using the 4-foot lane, motorists are advised to slow and pass carefully, providing a minimum of 4 feet clearance as provided by Vermont Statute. Motorists are free to drive in the advisory lane when no pedestrians or bicycles are present. The lanes have been used successfully in Europe for decades but are just now catching on in North America.

The new lanes were provided in part by a RiseVT amplify grant with the hope that they will encourage people to walk and ride bikes along the road. When people feel safer in their communities they are more likely to get outside and move around. These lanes will help individuals of all ages get around easier.

In spring 2020 a final layer of asphalt will be applied on Quaker Street. The Select Board is asking for cooperation, patience and participation in this trial project and welcomes feedback on the advisory lanes.