By Henry Allison

In early May, Claire Epchook’s AP Geography class would take the test they had spent all year
preparing for. After they finished, though, the school year stretched on for another month, far too
much time to leave a full class of teenagers unscheduled. She needed a project.
The answer came in the form of John Dumville, a member of the South Royalton Historical
Society, who asked her class to design a Valley Quest in honor of the 250th anniversary of the
Royalton Charter. Their efforts culminated in the Royalton Historical Quest, one of three new
Valley Quests created this spring.

In Brownsville, the Daniel Cady Quest was created by Mr. Butler’s 3rd and 4th grade class at the
Albert Bridge School. Alice Stewart, a program manager for RiseVT, which supported the
program, saw the quest as a healthy way for residents to engage with their town. “The treasure
hunt structure of Valley Quests make them an interactive way for community members to learn
more about where they live while getting some exercise,” she said.

The final quest was created by Finnie Trimpi and her Valley Quest themed summer camp at
ArtisTree in Pomfret. Trimpi, who used Valley Quests as a way to get to know the area with her
own children, found that the experience brought local and out of town campers together around a
shared mission and history.

All three new quests are creative, fun, and rewarding, so find some time this summer to check
them out!