RiseVT-Windham County awarded an amplify grant to Guilford Central School to design and create a sensory garden. The plants in the garden provide the students and the community with opportunities to engage their senses, reducing stress and welcoming them into the learning environment of the school.

This project re-utilizes an unused space in front of the Guilford Central School by creating a sensory welcome garden with the assistance of the pre-k classroom, the farm-to-school program, local garden designer, and the RiseVT-Windham County Program Manager. The sensory welcome garden includes a wide variety of plants that engage all senses, a walking path with descriptive and welcoming signs, and other calming features such as a bench and student-painted rocks. This project uses a well-known local garden designer who is an expert in creating intentional, sustainable spaces. Volunteer labor to create the garden came from students who received direction from the GCS Pre-K teacher and Farm-to-School Program Coordinator. Together they will maintain the garden year-round.

RiseVT funding purchased plants and a stipend for the designer for planning, designing, and gardening. The Guilford community donated composted manure and lime, stepping stones, handmade signs and a bench with an arbor.