William Scalese submitted this story as part of our Rise to 5K story contest. William won third place with this story of the Rise to 5K training group pushing him to be a stronger runner!

I have been a runner in the past, but I never really committed to training consistently. I heard about the Rise to 5K training in Windsor from a friend who was doing it and I thought it might be fun to try out with them. My first day I found a lot of people I knew there and decided to keep doing it. I found myself enjoying it so much. As it kept doing it I became closer and closer to running. I enjoyed it! Rise To 5K pushed me more and more to do better. As the weather became warmer it definitely got a lot easier on my throat. Every day I would try to do more and more, going the distance. I then found out about the Murphy Morse 5K was coming up in early June. I have done that every year for about six years. So I started training myself alone at home. I ran five miles about every couple of days for a little while. Then race day came and I felt like I was doing so much more than I would have if I never had practiced with the Rise To 5K or by myself. And that is the story of me and Rise to 5K.