RiseVT-Windham County awarded an amplify grant to Townshend Elementary School to provide RiseVT Wellness Journals to students as a self-monitoring and regulation tool for students to identify identify sleep, exercise, screen time, mindfulness, water intake, and nutrition goals and progress. The journal begins by having the student identify three goals they would like to work on during the two weeks, then it provides descriptions about the importance of: having 9-11 hours sleep each night, reducing screen time, increasing physical activity to at least 60-minutes each day or moderate or vigorous activity, eating more fruits and veggies, trying whole grains, reducing sugar sweetened beverage consumption, choosing lean proteins, slowing down the sweet tooth, and taking quiet time for themselves with a goal of 10 minutes of “self-care” each day.

RiseVT and the school has also used the journals as a data collection tool to provide a baseline for participating students in the school as it logged how they were feeling each day during the time they are tracking. Because of the water tracking component of the journals, the data has been used to help build the case in a grant application for new water fountains for the school. The rest of the data will inform future wellness initiatives at Townshend Elementary School. We are proud to support this initiative and that the journal that was developed by our Franklin & Grand Isle team was able to be utilized in another part of the state!