RiseVT-Windsor County awarded Windsor Connection Resource Center an amplify grant to offer a 6-week yoga program for preschoolers and their caregivers.Classes are 45 minutes and designed to benefit both the caregiver and the child. The classes always have a theme like, “Can we practice slowly?” with an accompanying story like Eric Carle’s “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth”, a few minutes of breath work, 20-minutes of fun and accessible yoga poses, and end with a few minutes of guided relaxation.

Our Program Manager that works in the Windsor community observed today’s class of 20 kids and 10 adults – a mix of moms, grandmas, and home day care providers. Most came from our core towns of Hartland, Windsor, Weathersfield, and West Windsor. The instructor read The Carrot Seed story and had the class practice stretching toward the sky. One of the best parts of the series so far was that a little boy complained at the end because they hadn’t done his favorite pose from the previous week – so the teacher had everyone do that pose and then went around to each kid to find out their favorite. And one of the moms who came both weeks said her little girl had been practicing her poses all week!

This is a wonderful program that the community asked for and is now taking advantage of in the newly renovated Windsor Connection Resource Center. Once a dingy, unused room in the Resource Center, a Promise Community Grant from Mt. Ascutney Hospital made it possible to rehab the space to be a family friendly activity environment. At the opening reception for the new space, yoga was offered and the center received tons of feedback that the attendees would like more yoga classes offered in the space. It’s encouraging to see a community space utilized and to be able to offer programming that people want and is good for the mind, body, and spirit of residents of all ages!