Richmond Community Kitchen (RCK) is a resource for healthy cooking and eating in downtown Richmond. RiseVT recently awarded RCK an Amplify Grant to build a free cookbook lending library for community members to peruse at the RCK or borrow for home use.

While there are plenty of recipes available on the internet and ever-increasing number of cooking shows that inspire many of us to explore different cuisines, it can sometimes feel daunting to sort through the unending options. To help make cooking and trying recipes more accessible, RCK’s new library will provide easy access to thoughtfully-selected, practical cookbooks that will help folks navigate the new food climate successfully and at their own pace. As with everything else RCK does, the cookbook library will not be fussy or fancy. Instead it will be a resource for basic techniques, a diversity of ingredients, and healthy choices.

The cookbook library will also be incorporated into RCK’s Cook the Book Club. Much like a traditional book club, our Cook the Book Club is an opportunity for people to choose a recipe from a pre-selected cookbook that they prepare at home, then bring to RCK for a potluck gathering and cookbook discussion. The goal is to build comfort with new recipes while creating community over a shared meal.

RCK is excited about curating a collection of cookbooks that helps meet people where they are at in their cooking skill level, and RiseVT is proud to sponsor this project!