RiseVT is happy to announce that in the New Year we are starting a show on Northwest Access TV about tips and tricks for staying healthy in 2019. RiseVT is working to help make it easier for you to choose the healthy choice by improving your choices through worksite, school, and municipal policy and infrastructure changes, and information to access local recreational resources and healthier foods. Today the RiseVT Team wants to offer some of our own personal tips and tricks for staying healthy. We hope you will tune in to our show, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and join us on towards your journey of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Tip 1 – From Jill Berry-Bowen, Chair of RiseVT and CEO of Northwestern Medical Center: I prepare healthy snacks and have them with me at all times so that when I get hungry, they are waiting to keep me healthy and away from the temptation of another less healthy choice.

Tip 2 – From Denise Smith, Program Manager, RiseVT: I prioritize my self-care and know what I need to do to succeed each week – Self-care is not selfish. I schedule my exercise classes, my yoga classes, my walks, and my morning meditation in order to protect that time for myself. It means going to bed early and getting up early, but that time for myself is worth it and sets me up for success

Tip 3 – Faith DuBois, Program Assistant RiseVT: I split my workouts into two segments during the week – early morning cardio and/or weights to energize my day and then yoga followed by meditation when I get home from work to transition into a relaxed evening. Joining Facebook groups has also helped me set activity goals, my running group motivates me to run through the winter and the VT251 Race Less Traveled group has inspired me to someday walk or run all 251 towns in Vermont.

Tip 4 – Brian Clukey, Health Coach RiseVT: I hold myself accountable to my goals by having health partners that knows what I am trying to accomplish. I think it is really important to have larger goals but break them down into achievable segments, so I can work towards them each and every day.

Tip 5 – Elisabeth Fontaine, Medical Director Lifestyle Medicine and RiseVT: My recipe is very simple – Be consistently consistent. I set my goals and work towards them consistently every day, overtime I begin to feel better and become healthier. My goal is to be able to travel and bike everywhere I go, so for me it is important to keep up with my health.

Tip 6 – Jessica Frost, RiseVT Wellness Specialist: To keep us eating healthy meals all week long, I set aside an hour sometime during the week and pick 3-5 quick, easy and healthy recipes to make for dinner. I always have two crockpot meals that I can prep the night before. The rest are under 20-minute meals and I always work in an egg sandwich and frozen vegetable night. (I love frozen vegetables – they are so quick and healthy!) Whatever I make, I double, so we can be sure to get two nights out of a meal and have leftovers for the nights that the kids need to eat before I am home. A little planning saves time, energy and money during the busy week.

Tip 7 – Amy Brewer, RiseVT Health Educator: I find exercise buddies and we have weekly schedules that we commit to. I always have someone checking in with me to see if “we’re on.” Even in less than ideal weather, we’ve found we never regret having done what we set out to do. And the time spent socializing with friends is unmatched.

Tip 8 – Betsy Cherrier, RiseVT Wellness Specialist: As we move into 2019 my tip is: Make the most of your time and take care of you!