Author: Emmy Wollenburg, RiseVT Program Manager, Statewide

I’m Emmy and my play is downhill skiing!

I’ve always loved to ski. I love the speed and the chance to get outside during the dreary months of winter. Growing up in Vermont skiing was something that my family enjoyed doing together. I started skiing at Cochran’s in Richmond and eventually skied for Champlain Valley Union High School. I was never fast, but I enjoyed getting on the mountain during the school week and skiing under the lights at night. I didn’t have as many opportunities to ski while I was in college, but after I graduated I started teaching ski lessons part-time at a tiny ski resort in Wisconsin. Being an instructor gave me a way to get active outside of my desk job. I met my husband at the Wisconsin ski “hill” where he was also an instructor.

I like to explore new ski destinations, like Montana and Utah, but we always come back to Vermont for the challenging terrain and “variable” weather. We’re fortunate that here in Vermont there are many ski options, including some great Learn to Ski programs. January is national Learn to Ski month and each year Ski Vermont partners with several local ski resorts to offer highly discounted packages for beginner skiers and snowboarders. These packages typically include lift tickets, rentals, and a professional lesson.

Last season was my best season ever because I got my son on skis for the first time. He was a trooper and undaunted by the cold. I love the idea of continuing the tradition of skiing as a family. For now I’m faster than him, but I’m sure he’ll be leaving me in the dust before too long.

Looking forward to getting out on the slopes real soon!