July 4th is often a fun time to meet up with friends and family and barbeque it up!  To help keep your potluck items on the healthy side, our friends at Eating Well have created a refreshing treat with a fruit p izza recipe that has a healthier watermelon “crust” and is topped with yogurt sauce, berries, and mint.  Another fun option is making over the traditional hot dog offerings with these neat BBQ Carrot Dog recipe!

Barbeques are also a great time to get the whole family involved in active play.  Try a patriotic tag game with “Red, White, and Blue Tag.”  Secretly give each participant a red, white, or blue token (poker chips work great or simply create tokens out of colored paper).  There doesn’t need to be one “it.”  Depending on the group size, have multiple taggers.  The players simply run around and try to tag each other.  When a kid gets tagged, they give their tokens to the tagger.  Once a tagger has collected a red, white, and blue token, they win!